Praise vs. Encouragement


More often than not we as parents confuse encouragement with praise.

Praise is NOT encouragement.

True encouragement stimulates cooperation and contribution for the good of all. It focuses on effort, persistence and determination and has little or no evaluation component. It fosters acceptance of being imperfect, self-sufficiency and interdependence. Children learn how to motivate themselves from within. 

Examples of encouragement:
- I can tell you worked really hard on that painting.
- The laundry got done a lot quicker last night when you helped.
- You seem to really enjoy reading.
- I really enjoyed watching you play in your soccer game. How did you think you played?

- Britt Franken 

As a mother of four kids, six chickens and one puppy, Brittany knows a few things about raising little ones. She is determined to raise children with resilience and grit, and believes in a gentle but firm parenting approach. Brittany is our co-founder, writer and researcher, constantly working behind the scenes on helpful articles and resources to share with you.