4: Parenting Pre-teens

Parenting pre-teens: Video games, respectful communication, sibling tension, overcoming a fear, and listening to your own intuition as a parent.

In this wide ranging, all encompassing episode we tackle several major challenges facing parents of pre-teens. Join us as we discuss:

* How to set rules and expectations around the use of social media and video games

* How to discuss the issue that "things aren't fair" and the powerful use of the phrase "at our house..."

* How to grow confidence as a parent of pre-teens to better equip you for the years to come

* Why late night is never a good time to negotiate with teens and when to try again

* What is the best way to intervene when an older child/preteen tries to parent your younger children

* What you can do to help teach your pre-teen how to speak their mind but in a respectful way

* How to tap into our own intuition- as parents, we want to groom capability, and it's our intuition that lets us draw the line between indulgence and nurturing

* How to decide on a "code word" to use with parents to improve safety in certain situations

* Body image discussions with pre-teens and how to encourage and positive attitude about themselves

This wide ranging episode will not disappoint!



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