5: Teenagers

Teenagers…a challenging developmental period! Physical, emotional, and hormonal changes add another challenging layer onto the adventures of parenting.

In this episode you will learn:

* When a teenager's brain is fully developed

* Why intentionally parenting your younger children can pay off when they become teenagers

* How to protect your teenager during their experimentation and exploration phase

* How to best communicate with your teen

* An approach for teaching that big mistakes can have lasting consequences beyond your control



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4: Parenting Pre-teens

Parenting pre-teens: Video games, respectful communication, sibling tension, overcoming a fear, and listening to your own intuition as a parent.

In this wide ranging, all encompassing episode we tackle several major challenges facing parents of pre-teens. Join us as we discuss:

* How to set rules and expectations around the use of social media and video games

* How to discuss the issue that "things aren't fair" and the powerful use of the phrase "at our house..."

* How to grow confidence as a parent of pre-teens to better equip you for the years to come

* Why late night is never a good time to negotiate with teens and when to try again

* What is the best way to intervene when an older child/preteen tries to parent your younger children

* What you can do to help teach your pre-teen how to speak their mind but in a respectful way

* How to tap into our own intuition- as parents, we want to groom capability, and it's our intuition that lets us draw the line between indulgence and nurturing

* How to decide on a "code word" to use with parents to improve safety in certain situations

* Body image discussions with pre-teens and how to encourage and positive attitude about themselves

This wide ranging episode will not disappoint!



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3: How to Talk to Kids About Sex

Join us for an entertaining talk with Michelle as she explains the who, when, where and why of talking to your children about sex. Listen in and learn:

* What is the right age to initiate dialogue with your children about sex

* How to best bring it up and what to say

* How to make this issue a less stressful event for both parents and kids and how to keep the communication lines open for further discussion

This is an episode not to miss! 



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2: Teaching Responsibility

As a mom of four young children struggles to set expectations and get her kids to help around the house (without a lot of push back and complaining), Michelle offers some amazing insight into fostering responsibility and a sense of community in young children. As parents, we hold the duty of setting reasonable expectations for our children, because in fact, they are critical in raising a thriving, happy and successful child.

In this Episode, you will learn:

* Why the intention to impart responsibility on our children is a beautiful goal

* How to give your children ownership in the community of your home and to understand that their participation matters

* How to help children develop the capacity to contribute to a community

* What it means to discipline behavior NOT attitude

* What natural consequences of behavior are and why they are so effective

* Strategies for setting expectations in your home and how to enforce them respectfully



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1: Introducing ParentED with Michelle Gambs

Real parents. Candid conversations. Practical strategies. Listen in as Michelle Gambs gets real with parents in the throes of raising children in the modern world.

Join us each week for revealing conversations as Michelle guides parents through current challenges with practical strategies and advice for a more peaceful home.

As a psychotherapist, mother of two, and a certified parenting coach for over 20 years, Michelle has seen it all and she’s here to help.



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